Evidence for Layat Al-Qadr as the 23rd of Ramadhaan



On this blessed night (the night of decree, night of power, or night of destiny) all sustenance is decreed to all living beings on Earth for the incoming lunar year. This night is the TRUE start of the Islamic Hijri year and calendar (not the 1st Muharam) but Allah knows all.


Below are FACTS that collectively point to 23 as the Night of Decree:


1. The Quran was revealed over 23 lunar years. That means the Prophethood was 23 lunar years.


2. Surat Al-Qadr is written using 23 letters of the Arabic alphabet.


3. Surat YaSeen (the heart of the Quran) is spread across parts 22 and 23 to show that we should stay up both nights in case of starting Ramadhaan late (as usual).


4. Allah swt swears by the indivisible numbers (Al-Watr) in Quran 89:3 "By the co-dependents and by the indivisibles"


5. Indivisible numbers (prime numbers) are Keys in Public Key Cryptography where secret information are encrypted using public keys but decrypted using private keys, thus no need to share the private key at all, while the public keys are useless by themselves.


6. Al-Fatiha is built using prime numbers (7 verses, 29 words, 139 letters). These are not odd but prime numbers and their digit sums (7=7, 2+9=11, 1+3+9=13) are prime too. Such prime numbers with prime digit sums are called Additive Prime Numbers.
What's more, joining these numbers left-to-right 729139 or right-to-left 139297 also produce additive prime numbers [7+2+9+1+3+9=31].


7. Allah swt has built the Quran into two parts, Al-Fatiha, and the Great Quran:

Quran 15:87

"We have given you seven of the oft-repeated verses and the Grand Quran"


   The Book     = Al-Fatiha (Key)  + The Grand Quran (Message)

   114 chapters =          1       +         113

   6236 verses  =          7       +        6229


    113 is prime and 1+1+3=5 is prime too so 113 is an additive prime number.

   6229 is prime and 6+2+2+9=19 is prime too so 6229 is an additive prime number.


8. 23 is a prime number with a prime digit sum (2+3=5) and even the digits themselves (2 and 3) are primes too.


9. The number of human chromosome pairs is 23.


10. 23 ones (11111111111111111111111) is additive prime number.

Note that 2 ones (11) and 19 ones (1111111111111111111) are prime while the next such repunit prime has 317 ones.


11. The sum of the indivisible numbers from 1 to 23 (1+2+3+5+7+11+13+17+19+23 = 101) is an additive prime number.


12. Left-to-right 123571113171923 is an additive prime number.


13. Right-to-left 231917131175321 is an additive prime number.


These last two facts (12 and 13) are unique to 23 only (and if any similar case exists then it is for a larger prime than 30 which is the max days in a lunar month). It is incredible to have these two huge values (123571113171923 and 231917131175321) as prime numbers let alone additive prime numbers.


Allah knows all.


Full details at http://heliwave.com/23.pdf


Ali Adams

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